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Tribute to Live

Dolphins Cry - Tribute to Live

LIVE stopped in 2009 and the bandmembers started their own music projects. In 2010 Ed Kowalczyk formed with his brother Adam a brand new band who released a CD called Alive. The other bandmembers of LIVE gave birth to The Gracious Few, together with frontman Kevin Martin (former singer of Candlebox).

However… the music of LIVE is still very popular; the riffs and typical sound of Chad Taylor, the characteristic voice of Ed Kowalczyk, the groovy basslines of Patrick Dahlheimer, the heavy and also subtle drums of Chad Gracey.

The music of LIVE will always be there and needs to be heard. A good reason for DOLPHIN’S CRY to tribute LIVE! The members of DOLPHIN’S CRY are experienced musicians who give the audience an unforgetable show with the greatest hits, showing the feel, groove and character of LIVE! DOLPHIN’S CRY can rock the house just as well, and DOLPHIN’S CRY is the ultimate LIVE tribute band ! Featuring the hits such as “I Alone”, “Run To The Water”, “Lightning Crashes”, “The River” and “Dolphin’s Cry” , DOLPHIN’S CRY will give you an explosive show that you will not quickly forget!