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Tribute to Def Leppard

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Love Bites - Tribute to Def Leppard

Love Bites are a tribute to rock legends Def Leppard, one of the most famous and influential bands in rock history, with assets of more than 65 million albums sold. As of now there is a lot of curiosity and his circle of loyal fans grows ever more, also thanks to the charisma and passion that the band is able to convey.

The first concerts they see the band inspired by the recent live “Mirrorball” of 2011, and then resume after “Viva! Hysteriaā€¯ del 2013 and propose it on the best Italian stages.

The search for perfection for each detail both at the level of instrumentation, sounds, choirs, to look immediately brought the Love Bites as the most faithful to Def Leppard and one of the most popular in Europe. With the exit end 2015 the new and highly anticipated album of the Def Leppard Love Bites are preparing to bring on stages all over Europe, the new show and new songs of Def Leppard, with a ladder between new and old hits retraces their 35 year career.