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Tribute to Oasis

Morning Glory - Tribute to Oasis

MORNING GLORY… What’s The Story!

Faithfully recreate the sound and image of the Oasis, thanks to the great attitude of 5 roman “lads”, gained over the years with numerous collaborations in the Brit pop Italian scene.

Morning Glory , Europe’s leading Tribute To OASIS , range widely through the discography and live versions of the most significant songs by OASIS, without neglecting the fans’, and “Med fer it”, much beloved b-sides.

These things are not just there for the hell of it. They are there because MORNING GLORY bring you the ultimate OASIS experience right from the very start of the show to the very last chord. If you are lucky enough to catch Morning Glory perform, you will be guaranteed to be singing your heart out all night during their incredible show of classics anthems!

Every chorus! Every backing vocal! Every guitar solo! They are all here !! We don’t miss anything out… why should you !!