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Regina, The Real Queen Experience - Tribute to Queen


REGINA, The Real Queen Experience was raised in 1999. It’s formed by passionate fans of the legendary Queen. Regina did a lots of shows all over Italy and other countries in Europe, with huge success and acclaim from the audience. This convinced them to start a much more defined and accurate project. A fabulous tribute to Freddie Mercury and the “Queen”: a show that has all the characteristics of a great show, set up with all the costumes and videos of highly emotional contents which, together with the music, run over again the most significant steps in the career of the English band.

A show of Regina is considered as one of the best ever, both for its fidelity to the original sounds of Queen and for the technique. Regina brings a rich and complete series of songs, ranging from
the first period of Queen, to their most famous show at the Wembley Stadium in 1986 till the last songs of Queen which were never played live from the legendary band itself.

However the real surprise is actually him, the voice: Daniele Fasciani. His will-power, his gestures but above all his astonishing physical and vocal resemblance to the original, give to this band
un incredible added value. A great show then, that will go through again the history and career of one of the most famous band in the history of music, a gig to sing again songs nowadays known
to everybody but also with some special treats for real connoisseurs, an evening to revive a character who has become a legend and still today, fifteen years from his departure, is remembered
as one of the fathers of the fantastic world known as Rock.