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Tribute to Limp Bizkit

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Counterfeit - Tribute to Limp Bizkit

Counterfeit is the only band that can capture the unique vibe and sound of Limp Bizkit. The band, founded in 2014, stun their audiences time after time with a combination of raw energy and musical skill that characterizes Limp Bizkit. Therefore it was no surprise that the band won the Oerrock play-offs in 2015, within half a year after foundation.

The band overwhelmed the jury with a performance that was “way beyond Oerrock standards”. Still thriving to outdo that performance, the band is always seeking for the perfect sound. Without a doubt, Counterfeit will deliver to your Limp Bizkit needs. Their set contains hits from the brutal break-out on “Three Dollar Bill Y’All” up till the more mainstream hits on “Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water”.

This band will blow you away like only Fred Durst and his men of Limp Bizkit can. Although the name of the band suggests otherwise, Counterfeit adds their own twist to the show with a kick of adrenaline and surprising dynamics. Counterfeit, so golden y’all.