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Tribute to Guano Apes

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FAKE - Tribute to Guano Apes

Europe’s leading Tribute To Guano Apes is an amazing band based in Italy and composed by great promusicians that decided to put together their professionalism and their passion for Guano Apes.

It’s an unforgetable , fantastic and explosive rock-show , which brings the ultimate Guano Apes feeling and emotions. An overwhelming wall of sound, synchronized video and fabulous sound and look-alike of Guano Apes are the ingredients for a fantastic journey you won’t forget. A huge show that will lead you from the famous hits like Lords of the Boards and Open your Eyes, to the new Guano Apes sound as Sunday Lover or Close to The Sun.

Stay ready to mosh and headbanging you won’t resist. We are FAKE… however our music is Real !