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Tribute to Kings Of Leon

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Only by the Night - Tribute to Kings Of Leon

The ultimate Kings Of Leon Tribute ‘Only By The Night’ have been rocking out the most prestigious theatres, festivals and music venues since the start with their undeniably breathtaking show! The scale, energy and charisma of their performances leaving audiences across Europe sure they’ve seen the Kings Of Leon themselves!

Only By The Night take you on an absolutely epic, exhilarating journey playing your favourite KOL tracks from the first release “The Holy Roller Novocaine” through to the incredible number one
album “Come Around Sundown”, all with unprecedented accuracy.

It’s this meticulous attention to detail; visually and audibly, that’s earned them rave reviews from press, critics and audiences alike. Hearing really is believing! But the uncanny resemblance doesn’t
end there! Like the Followills there’s chemistry between lead guitarist Rory van der Graaf (Matthew Followill) and Auke Haaksma (Jared Followill), the unmistakeable voice of Caleb bellowing eerily
from Ivan Pranger and the juxtaposed pounding rhythm and sweet harmonies of the bands ‘Nathan‘, Bart Klomp.

The Only By The Night’s determination to push the boundaries of what you’d expect of a tribute band sees them return to venues time after time.

Naturally all the guitars, drums, cymbals, amps and pedals are identical to their counterparts!
How close can a tribute band get? The name says it all!