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Tribute to Dream Theater

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Solid Vision - Tribute to Dream Theater

A Tribute To Dream Theater is almost impossible as you may think….but afortunately there is the magical and unbelievable band Solid Vision. Solid Vision knows exactly just like Dream Theater the expression between the mix of the old progrock with progmetal. Typical of Dream Theater is that they’ve had a keyboardplayer , some that the first progmetal bands didn’t had. Just as Dream Theater , all bandmembers of Solid Vision came from the conservatorium and bring very technical music. Extreme songs , which can be regonized by their metal and rock. Mastermusicians who present themselves by enormous virtuosity with their instruments. Solid Vision is a Tribute To Dream Theater, the most famous and best band in the progmetal scene. A live performance of Solid Vison realise the unbelievable reality and the band is truly mentioned as Europe’s Nr.1 Tribute To Dream Theater.