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Tribute to The Police

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Synchronicity - Tribute to The Police

Synchronicity is a Dutch tribute band playing all the hits of the Police. Just like the Police, Synchronicity has 3 band members. Singer and bass-player Bert Boven founded the band in the mid 90’s. The name Synchronicity was inherited by the 5th and last studio album of The Police. After a few band changes Marnix Wellinghoff joined the band and Synchronicity was born.

In the summer of 2002 the former drummer decided to quit. Jaap Koning joined the band from that day on and the success of Synchronicity even increased. Bert’s voice has many similarities with Sting’s voice. Together with Jaap, who has always been very inspired by Stewart Copeland, they are the motor behind the band. In this 3-men band Jaap can really show what he can and brings the great sound of Stewart Copeland alive. Marnix is now one of the biggest Police fans and play’s all the great licks of Andy Summers.

Synchronicity is a real live sensation bringing back the timeless music of The Police during their amazing live-shows!