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Tribute to Phil Collins

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The Phil Collins Experience - Tribute to Phil Collins

The Phil Collins Experience featuring ‘DEANO’ , Europe’s leading Phil Collins tribute artiste and impersonator. Deano’s voice and mannerisms are uncanny to Phil’s delivering a solid, entertaining and somewhat ‘cheeky’ performance, mirroring the man himself.

The Phil Collins Experience is specialized in the authentic reproduction of the greatest hits of superstar Phil Collins. A perfect band , who will explode from the first song and create the
real atmosphere , is the base of the concept.

The spectacular show features all the greatest hits of Phil Collins & Genesis such as “Sussudio”, “In The Air Tonight”, “Against All Odds”, “Invisible Touch”, “I Can’t Dance” and also songs from Phil’s Oscar winning movie soundtrack ‘Tarzan’. This outstanding show features world class musicians, singers and some very entertaining interaction. The illusion is perfect , the music overwhelming and the atmosphere is narcotic. After a few songs it also doesn’t disturb the last doubter anymore , that on stage it’s Deano and The Phil Collins Experience and not Phil Collins himself!