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Tribute to The Police

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The Police Force - Tribute to The Police

Ok. Your question for £1m is… Name 3 hits for 80s band-The Police. Ooh,er.. Message In A Bottle?.. Er,Every Breath You Take?.. Roxanne,Walking On the Moon, So Lonely… See,not that hard a question is it? No need to phone a friend on that one eh? People tend to forget just how influential and loved The Police actually were in their heyday, turning out to be one of the biggest bands of all time. It may be over 20yrs ago but the classic hits The Police gave us stand the test of time better than most bands of that era.

Today their definitive tribute THE POLICE FORCE immerse themselves into what can be a 90min plus spectacular recreating the sound,looks and energy this formidable 3 piece once produced. Fans of the band’s figure head, STING will be pleased to hear that we also include a few of the solo hits too.

So sit back and enjoy, and may the force be with you.