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U2 Zen Garden - Tribute to U2

U2 Zen Garden is the International U2 Tribute leaded by Zeno Sala, a worldwide-known Bono Vox double. Each element of this band has been chosen by a national selection. Zeno Sala brings on stage since 1999 U2 shows all over Italy, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey, Ireland, Slovenia, Russia and South America by more than 1000 shows.

U2 Zen Garden is an incredible physical likeness, of attitude and vocal timbre with Bono adds his own vocal power, a cared for musical vocation and no doubt recall the ways of U2’s leader, literally hypnotize the audience, transforming his stage act into a show within the show, during which the whole band, galvanized by their singer’s daring and feline agility, don’t limit themselves to recreating, but highlight and embellish the sounds of new and old U2 anthems.

U2 Zen Garden is one of the best U2 tributes available all over the world and provide an highest level U2 audio-video show.