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Tribute to The Scorpions

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Virgin Killers - Tribute to The Scorpions

Here we are…rock you like a hurricane !

Virgin Killers are an Italian band founded in 2012 by 5 girls inspired by their common passion for ’80s Hard Rock, classic rock, classy rock…Scorpions’ rock ‘n roll! So the adventure began: an amazing trip during which 5 young women have turned their own instrument into their greatest passion and performed on the most important stages in Italy – and even abroad – covering the German band’s hits, arranged with a bit of femininity and a fancy touch.

From that moment on Virgin Killers’ trip has never stopped: they have brought Scorpions’ most famous songs on the stages of northern Italy cities, Switzerland, bikers meetings, always sharing their enthusiasm, the gathering spirit and the essence of rock ‘n roll with the fans of the legendary German hard rock band, that in 2015 celebrated 50 years of activity!

Isa, Arianna, Miriana, Ramona and Sara are skilled musicians and great interpreters of the enthusiasm and the energy that made of Scorpions one of the most appreciated hard rock band of all times, all over the world!