MAM Agency introduces incredibly magnificent Tribute bands!

Dream Company invites you to a magnificent Bon Jovi show. Well known Bon Jovi hits like Bed Of Roses, Keep The Faith, It's My Life, Livin' On A Prayer, Lost Highway, In These Arms, Always and others are performed with passion. A Dream Company show guarantees an enthusiastic crowd, singing and clapping along with each and every song and having a blast.

Singer/frontman Giulio Garghentini is not only a Jon Bon Jovi look and sound alike , but also a great entertainer. Bon Jovi's music and rock 'n' roll is always about communication, as it was, as it is and it always will be.


Tania Alboni is Amy Wineouse. Tania began her tribute to the award winning Amy Winehouse in July 07 and has taken the world by storm.

Tania has a special passion for this tribute as she is impersonating one of her favourite singers of all time and it shows in her performance, she has perfected the unique style and sound that Amy was so famous for, but the best part of having Tania to entertain you is, unlike the real Amy, she won't be drunk and she will definitely turn up !!!!

The Bruce Band was formed at the end of 2003 and The Bruce Band ambition is during the shows to create the same atmosphere which is recognizable for Bruce Springsteen and The E-Streetband.

The voice of Robert Philippi is incredible close to the voice of Bruce and together with the bass/drums rythmsection there are the foundation for the strongest rocksongs of Bruce Springsteen. The Clarence Clemons-sound and the heavy guitarriffs can't be missed and are wellknown for the total sound of The Boss! Just like the original The Bruce Band is a huge live-act which you must seen. The Bruce Band is Europe's No.1 Tribute To Bruce Springsteen!

GREEN-ISH DAY - TRIBUTE TO GREEN DAY Green-ish Day was formed by members of the popular punk band, Kristtina, back in may 2005. Green-Ish Day is A Tribute of the highest level who reaches the sounds as well as the visual aspect of Greenday. A Green-Ish Day show is a must for every Greenday fan and especially through the unbelievable look-a-like many people who visited their shows agreed that Green-Ish Day is one of the best Tribute bands in Europe. Off course you can enjoy the first hit Basket Case but also Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Longview, Holiday, Minority, American Idiot, Wake Me Up When September Ends and Jesus Of Suburbia. Green-Ish Day , the magnificient respectation of one of most popular all time punk-rockbands......Green Day !

Little can be said about Coldplay that isn't already understood by the people who follow and idolize the band worldwide. They are one of the biggest and best selling bands on the planet, and have won countless awards to date. Their deep, powerful live performances leave audiences spellbound.

You can now experience their music and performance as close as it gets, totally live in a show experience dedicated to the recreation of one of the greatest bands in the world!! This is a celebration to some of the most beautiful songs of all time. Four fans of COLDPLAY who are also professional musicians came together to capture the sheer spell binding atmosphere that every COLDPLAY fan has experienced, seeing them perform live. Don't just close your eyes and think they sound like COLDPLAY, open them and they even look like COLDPLAY. Join them in celebration to one of the most successful bands of our time!

Lady Gaga, the controversial star has become one of the biggest artists in the world.
The Fame Monster has been created to celebrate one of the greatest Pop artist of our times .. Lady Gaga !!
The band offers a rare and unique show featured by faithful copies of Lady Gaga's outfits , same dynamic choreographic and with
live musicians on stage. The full choreographed show with dancers includes all the biggest hits from Just Dance , Poker Face ,
Telephone to Bad Romance.
The Fame Monster brings an amazing show tribute to the one of the most influential artists of the decade.
Dale Lapointe IS the Lady with totally over the top behaviour, amazing costume changes and stunning 'LIVE' vocals she really could
be mistaken for the world class performer and Grammy winner... Lady Gaga herself !


The aim of Blondied is to faithfully recreate the sound of Debbie Harry and Blondie and to recreate the excitement and power of the band onstage for new and old fans alike. Michell Hendriks , perhaps the most strikingly realistic Debbie Harry look and sound alike imaginable. The Blondied show includes all Blondie`s hits such as Call Me , I'm Gonna Love You Too, Atomic, Heart Of Glass , Denis and more, from their raucous early records right up to the slick pop/rock that has become Blondie`s trademark in the 21st. century ...also including some of Debbie Harry`s solo hits, such as French Kisse In The USA and I Want That Man. See Blondied Live !!!!

A grand tribute to Freddie Mercury and “Queen”: a gig that has all the characteristics of a great show, set up with all the costumes and videos of highly emotional contents which, together with the music, run over again the most significant steps in the career of the English band. A great show then, that will go through again the history and career of one of the most famous band in the history of music, a gig to sing again songs nowadays known to everybody but also with some special treats for real connoisseurs, an evening to revive a character who has become a legend and still today, fifteen years from his departure, is remembered as one of the fathers of the fantastic world known as Rock.

Emotions which become songs, songs which become emotions, that penetrate into the heart, and never leave you again ............ The Bee Gees were , are and will always be this, and much more. Incomparable. The Italian Bee Gees have crossed national borders many times, with concerts and television appreances in Italy, Germany, USA and the UK. The Italian Bee Gees show, is based and constructed on the most famous hits written by The Bee Gees from ’60, and all the songs are played and singed live by the three brothers and their band. See , hear and believe theItalian Bee Gees and their incredible sound- and look-a-like of the legendary Bee Gees.

A Tribute To Dream Theater is almost impossible as you may think....but afortunately there is the magical and unbelievable band Solid Vision. Solid Vision knows exactly just like Dream Theater the expression between the mix of the old progrock with progmetal. Typical of Dream Theater is that they've had a keyboardplayer , some that the first progmetal bands didn't had. Just as Dream Theater , all bandmembers of Solid Vision came from the conservatorium and bring very technical music. Extreme songs , which can be regonized by their metal and rock. Mastermusicians who present themselves by enormous virtuosity with their instruments. Solid Vision is a Tribute To Dream Theater, the most famous and best band in the progmetal scene. A live performance of Solid Vison realise the unbelievable reality and the band is truly mentioned as Europe's Nr.1 Tribute To Dream Theater.