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Big Ones (IT)

Tribute to Aerosmith

Big Ones is the Aerosmith Tribute band that draws power from their own desire to improve themselves without tricks, creating a following of top quality rock music lovers, and naturally, die-hard Aerosmith fans, that appreciate in the Big Ones their artistic and musical capacities, comparable to that of the legendary American band. Big Ones realize almost instantly to emulate the rock “Classics” Aerosmith, and above all, to attempt with their rising band, to recreate the particular sound that has always distinguished the style of the artists captained by Steven Tyler.

Big Ones is an amazing physical likeness, of attitude and vocal timbre with Steven Tyler adds his own vocal power, a cared for musical vocation and, an inborn animal-like sensual magnetism that, no doubt recall the ways of Aerosmith’s leader, literally hypnotize the audience, transforming his stage act into a show within the show, during which the whole band, galvanized by their singer’s daring and feline agility, don’t limit themselves to recreating, but highlight and embellish the sounds of new and old Aerosmith anthems.

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